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How to Update Your Member Profile

Updating Your InEd Member Profile on


Members can use their Profile to introduce themselves to the community.

  • Head to the upper right corner of the website to login using the email used to sign up for you InEd Membership

  • Once signed in, click on the icon in the upper right corner that appears, then select "My Profile"
  • Once in your profile, click "Edit Profile"


The Profile page includes the following areas for members to personalize:

  • Display name: Members can choose what name, or nickname, they want on thei profile. The default is your member's first and last name, but they can change this to anything they're more comfortable with. 

  • Display image: If your member signed up through Google or Facebook, their default picture is taken directly from their account. They can change this image at any point. 

  • About: This section is initially blank, so members can write whatever they want to share. They can also include images, videos and GIFs in this description.

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