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What is the InEd Network?

At Innovative Education Network, we believe that learning should be creative and engaging. We are a network of educators in South Florida who are committed to finding new and innovative ways to teach and inspire students.


Our goal is to create an environment where students are able to think out of the box and gain the skills they need to succeed. By collaborating with each other, we are able to share best practices and develop new strategies to benefit our students. We are transforming education in South Florida and are better together.

We are guided by four key dynamics that require collective action to achieve a more student-centric future.

A healthy end-state where all K-12 families can achieve their educational aspirations regardless of life or economic circumstance is one with: 


of student-centric educational offerings across the K-12 ecosystem


of these offerings across all communities


of experiences and reduction of out-of-pocket costs


of offerings that are convenient for all families

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Our Goals

Individualized Education

Funding for Programs and Families

Innovative and Engaging Learning

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